Beyond design.

We are a young Industrial Design studio in Monterrey, Mexico specialized in product design, furniture design and strategic consultancy for creative companies. We strive to create products that bring design into daily routines by combining cultural factors and user understanding with material and process experimentation.

Through our creative consultancy we help companies find new business opportunities, strategically expand their product catalogue and coherently enforce their brand through design. 

We are excited to work on a variety of projects in scale, scope and objectives, shifting between industry and craft without losing our ideals that design provides well being, culture and value. Our studio takes special interest in partnering with companies and projects to discover together what's next. 

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Strategic Consultancy

We work with both new and established companies to reach new heights by identifying opportunities, exploring new market possibilities and developing a design-driven creative direction for business growth. Our work takes us deep into the companies’ DNA, envisioning together new directions or business units, laying down the framework and guidelines for groundbreaking concepts and products. 

Read about how we are working with Ofimodu to overhaul their 30 year office furniture company.


Product Development

We create products that bring design into daily routines by combining research, user understanding, cultural factors and technology. Our flexible design process allows us to collaborate with companies on a variety of projects, scopes and scales, working closely with their in-house product development teams to create designs for commercial release.

Learn how we complied with Diez Cien Mil ’s strict production ethos to create a new product for their collection. 



We go further than collaborating. We work closely with artists, interior designers, graphics designers, architects and other creatives taking ideas and projects into new levels by fusing the expertise of both teams. We blend our industrial design capabilities with other areas and dive into our collaborators’ concepts to extend our reach and help them land ideas and concepts into manufacturable projects. 

Read about how the studio joined forces with Cadena+Asociados to develop furniture that radically changed a local University.



Limited Editions

We take special interest in collaborating with artisans, craftsmen and workshops in Mexico for one-off commissions and limited editions for galleries, museums and exhibitions. Our methodology focuses on process, culture and context, pushing forward artisanal work and craftsmanship by using contemporary design as a tool to maintain traditions alive and relevant. 

Learn how we worked together with alabaster artisans to produce a limited edition design commisioned by the Museum of Popular Arts.  


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