Watch: Studio Nights with Roberto Núñez


Si no pudiste asistir al cierre de temporada de Studio Nights, aquí puedes ver la charla completa de Roberto Núñez, director del despacho de arquitectura Covachita. Muchas gracias a las personas que asistieron a este evento y a Roberto Núñez por formar parte de Studio Nights. ¿Asististe a esta plática? ¿Ya viste el video? ¡Cuéntanos qué opinas y mantente al pendiente para conocer a los invitados de la Segunda Temporada de Studio Nights!

If you could not attend the finale of Studio Nights, you can watch here the full talk by Roberto Núñez, director of the architecture office Covachita. Thanks to the people who attended this event and to Roberto Núñez for being part of Studio Nights. Were you here during his talk? Have you seen the video? Tell us what you think and stay tuned to meet the guests for Season Two of Studio Nights!


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Julia GuzmánComment