Virus Guanajuato Design Forum

I’ve just got back from Guanajuato, a beautiful colonial city in the center of Mexico where the students of Universidad Autonoma de Guanajuato organized an incredible design forum. I was invited to participate on a round table together with graphic designers, visual artists and other fellow industrial designers.

During this 2 wonderful days I was fortunate to hang out with other talented young designers from different parts of Mexico like Christian Vivanco, Carmen Zambrano, Le Porc Shop, Ian Ortega, Fabrica Social, Victor Aleman and Masiosare Studio. The round tables organized by Virus Guanajuato brought up several important subjects we as young creatives in Mexico are dealing with, making it a rich experience for both the audience and the participants. Lorenzo Diaz, an experience design-entrepreneur served as moderator, creating a fluid and direct discussion another positive aspect of the event.

Another important aspect of Virus Guanajuato is a social project that they’ve undertaken to help improve the conditions of the Cosme O Torres asylum. Many of us participating in the event are contributing to this project with new furniture designs thought specifically for the old that will be later produced with the help of sponsors such as Masisa.

More information on this soon, meanwhile visit Virus’ facebook page for more information and pictures.