Masisa + Hafele + GrupoDI Workshop

We recently participated in an incredible workshop for young designers working in the furniture industry in Mexico. Masisa, the wood board industry leader, together with Hafele and GrupoDI invited a selected group of studios to learn everything about their materials, processes and tricks to make the perfect furniture design.

It was great to participate together with other talented studios and designers like Victor Aleman, Creativo 3, Masiosare Studio and AmoAto Studio during this 2 intensive days in GrupoDI’s factory in Mexico City.

We had a crash course on everything we must take into account when designing this type of furniture, and we even got to smash a couple of boards in the process. There is no better expert than Lorenzo Diaz, owner of GrupoDI, to share tricks learned from making a great career in the business.

The workshop culminated with a brief challenge to create a furniture design applying our newly acquired expertise on the subject.

Thanks to Masisa, GrupoDI and Hafele for having us over and making such a great workshop.

Check out more pictures at Masisa’s Facebook

Jorge Diego EtienneComment