Collaborating with La Carpinteria MX

Last week during our visit to Mexico City we worked for several days on our project for Ediciones Jalapa at the amazing wood workshop La Carpinteria MX. This small family workshop has the objective of creating great objects that transmit the values and traditions they stand for, working based on the reality of local workshops in Mexico and innovating its crafts under such constrictions.

I was amazed by the capacity of La Carpinteria MX to take my design into another level, creating a perfect marriage between design and craft. In just 4 days we were able to almost complete the production of my piece for Ediciones Jalapa! The other designers of the project will also do this kind of residency at LCMX to produce their proposal for EJ.

The collection will be presented in the coming month of September at Ediciones Jalapa, we will keep you informed about the date and time.

Visit La Carpinteria MX’s website here.