Choose Your Bullets - Limited Edition at Kickstarter!

This is a very special occasion for me and the studio. We are launching a Kickstarter campaign for a super Limited Edition of my first ever commercialized product Choose Your Bullets in 3 new beautiful anodized colors. This is it, what started it all 8 years ago, the design that many of you may already have, or got to know me by. Please help me fund this campaign and get a VERY special edition which will be only be available on Kickstarter. Share it with your friends and help me make this happen! Thanks!

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About this project:

Choose Your Bullets is a desk accessory that empowers our thoughts and gives us the opportunity to bring out the best positive ideas. Inspired by the phrase "The pen is mightier than the gun", the project responds to the begining of a difficult situation in Mexico, where violence took over our life. Choose your bullets reflects upon how we as a society respond to corruption, violence and bad decisions, encouraging a positive change by believing that each one of us can make a difference. No matter what you do, you should always "shoot for good".

Original Version made of Aluminum - first launched in 2010

Original Version made of Aluminum - first launched in 2010

The design is an impressive solid aluminum sculpted by industrial artisans in Monterrey, Mexico. Each piece is unique and engraved with a special serial number for this new edition that bring this classic product from Jorge Diego Etienne in color variations as a limited edition for Kickstarter Mexico Creates.



Choose Your Bullets has been widely published in magazines and books such as "New Territories: Laboratories for Design Craft and Art in Latin America" edited by the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and is currently part of the exhibition "The US-MEXICO Border - Place, Imagination, and Possibility" at the Craft & Folk Art Museum of Los Angeles.



Choose your Bullets has been in production for over 8 years and has sold thousands of it's original aluminum version. For this special edition we are using anodization process to bring color to our design. We need your help to have a batch big enough to be cost-effective for anodization. Be part of this very special moment for the studio where we are celebrating the design that started it all!

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