Ofimodul’s 35th Anniversary

For 35 years, Ofimodul has been a company committed to quality and service office furniture for the domestic market. In recent years, the company began a transformation to a new vision that redefines our culture and raises the objective of being the benchmark for workspaces in Mexico.

3 years ago, Ofimodul launched a new phase in its history 35 years manufacturing office furniture: new designs projecting the vision of "The New Mexican Office". Since then the company has been dedicated to redefine the workspace in Mexico with a focus on good design as in the workplace can impact communication, innovation and productivity of a company.

This is the vision that defines Ofimodul. We are very glad to continue work with this amazing company. A new catalogue with more than 10 collections designed by the studio has just been release to commemorate this anniversary. 

Jorge Diego EtienneComment