Correlated & Chiseled Leather Lamps at MAP

The Museo of Arte Popular, MAP in Mexico City commisioned the studio two new pieces for their "Artesano entre Artistas" exhibition that aims to keep tradition and crafts alive and current by fostering collaborations between artists and designers with artisans and craftsman all over the country. We designed Chiseled Leather Lamps and Correlated Containers in collaboration with master artisans from the Monterrey Area and are very proud of the result!

The exhibition is on show until February 23 at MAP in Mexico City’s downtown.

Future dates include:
Caja Real, San Luis Potosi - April - August 2014
Reyes Mesa Museum, Nuevo Laredo - September 2014 - January 2015


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Correlated: web / print
Chiseled Leather Lamps: web / print


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