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Casa Bosques' third project is a boutique bookshop located in Cordoba25, a new space in Mexico City's Roma neighborhood that mixes contemporary art, culture, fashion and design under the same roof. This space assembled by Savvy Studio serves as the first retail space for the Casa Bosques products, chocolates and carefully curated books and magazines.

Working with Savvy Studio’s vision for Casa Bosques of simplicity, conciseness and friendliness, JD-E developed a modular bookshelf system that works as a changeable skin. The project was approach with the idea of making a permanent installation with a strong statement.

Wood Wall has a hidden system that allows wood blocks to be easily pushed back and forth to create different shelves to display books and magazines. The blocks appear to be piled up against opposing walls, giving a simple but striking aesthetic to the room.


Client: Casa Bosques
Creative Direction: Savvy Studio
Photography: Alejandro Cartagena
Year: 2013