A collection of objects with simplified sculptural gestures created from the confrontation of material and immaterial qualities. 

Versus is presented within a context of consumer products for home environments. Its’ conceptual statement plays with the physical properties of the objects, which are not always a reflection of their targeted functionality but rather emotional triggers evoked by a powerful aesthetic expression.

Marble and wood are carved and sculpt by hand into new forms by artisans. These materials are put in contrast with aluminum, which is transformed through heavy industrial processes like CNC machining and colored by anodizing. In all forms, each object is a combination of elements reduced from ponderous pieces of material to extract simple geometric shapes.

The collection provokes a reflection of our own physical experiences and emotional connections with these materials and their preconceived characteristics.  The processes applied to shape the forms that compose each basic typology of the collection result in a balance of colors, light, and shade using a recognizable visual language to reinterpret elegance.

The visual richness of Versus is an opposition of the materials paired.


Function VS Aesthetic

Soft VS Hard

Artisanal VS Industrial

Smooth VS Rough

Cold VS Warm

Past VS Future

Thin VS Heavy

Light VS Shade

Nature VS Technology

More information coming soon.

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