Sushiware is a container to store, take and eat sushi on-the-go. This concept is driven by the idea that foreign food types have lifecycles  that change our eating repertoir until they are part of our home cooking, creating the need for new tools and designs.

Analyzing foreign gastronomy, JD-E concluded that these kind of meals usually enter the market as a high-end product, or served in sophisticated restaurants. As they become popular, more accesible options start to appear and eventually become available in take-out restaurants or ready-to-cook meals in supermarkets until it becomes a trend to prepare it from scratch in at home. 

The project evolved into a container for sushi that can be used for eating, storing, and transporting sushi rolls easily, thanks to a soft shape that facilitates it's handle and can rest safely on a person's lap while eating.



JD-E Studio Project
Prototype: Fusion PM
Photography: Oni Oni Studio
Year: 2011

Jorge Diego Etienne Sushi Container Tupperware
planos sushiware web-01.png