Silla A

Silla A is an ordinary design with exceptional versatility. Its simple and lightweight design makes it ideal for any situation in commercial, office or even residential spaces. The idea behind this chair was to achieve maximum reduction of elements in a chair to create a pure and contemporary appearance.

Subtle lines and curves form a minimum but strong structure complemented with a with a bentwood seat. Silla A may seem like another tubular chair, but the attention to details give the design a special character.

The chair is sturdy, stackable and surprisingly comfortable, making it a multifunctional seat that can serve for temporary or visitor seats in an office, a coffee shop, or dinner. The benefit of being stackable makes it ideal for spaces that are in constant transformation. 


Client: Ofimodul
Photography: Estudio Tampiquito
Year: 2015

Jorge Diego Etienne Silla A Chair