Segundo Objeto

The Second Object, designed is a mug that continues to work with the ideals of the Casa Bosques brand by amplifying the rituals suggested by nature. Winter is a time for reflection. The cold weather evokes introspection, which translates into a need for mental and physical proximity. The Second Object is a personal item that’s kept close to its user during this process of contemplation.

The design is inspired by traditional Japanese lacquered cups, although in this case, a ceramic container holds hot liquids and is held by a wooden cup that helps disperse heat. The ceramic piece keeps the same form of the pot from the First Object, while the sculpted wooden cup eliminates the need for a handle creating an even more intimate experience from the temperature, smells and sensations of the season.

The contrast of materials within the same object is another trait of each Casa Bosques object. With this, the wood will gracefully age contrasting with ceramic that keeps a pristine appearance through the years. Both components of the Second Object are produced at local workshops with an outstanding family tradition in Monterrey, Mexico.

Casa Bosques is an initiative by Savvy Studio, which aims to develop products and services of a permanent and sustained nature with a strong guiding concept through collaborations with experts of different fields. The concept behind Casa Bosques’ objects is strongly influenced by nature, which helps guide each project to reach it's highest potential.


*In collaboration with Savvy Studio

Client: Casa Bosques
Photography: Savvy Studio
Video: Mayhem Media
Year: 2013

Jorge Diego Etienne Second Object Coffee Cup
segundo objeto planos web-01.jpg