Primer Objeto 

The First Object designed in collaboration with Savvy Studio for Casa Bosques, is a triad of planters that propose the time to coexist with nature during the summer.  

 Casa Bosques’ objects propose a lifestyle that returns to the rituals suggested by nature. For the First Object, JD-E worked on the concept of summer and what this season may suggest to our daily routines. These set of planters are a medium to bring nature into your life, taking some time off your busy day to spend it interacting with them.

 The object merges two worlds, the handcrafted clay pot produced in Oaxaca and a metal stanby carefully folded and detailed at industrial workshops in Monterrey. The project expands to yet another collaboration, working with Innovando la Tradición, a non-profit group in Oaxaca that works with local artisans and designers to support and innovate traditional clay potter in the region.

 Casa Bosques is an initiative by Savvy Studio which aims to develop products and services of a permanent and sustained nature with a strong guiding concept, following the same philosophy and process used at their client’s projects. It’s objective is to become a platform for the development of collaborations with experts of different fields, and after creating a first project with chocolate expert J. Llanderal, Savvy sought Jorge Diego Etienne, another young creative working in Monterrey, to create a collection of objects.

*In collaboration with Savvy Studio

Client: Casa Bosques
Production: Innovando la Tradición
Photography: Alejandro Cartagena
Video: Mayhem Media
Year: 2012

Jorge Diego Etienne Clay Planters Casa Bosques