Creative Direction & Design Strategy

Ofimodul is an office furniture company with more than 30 years of being a leader in Monterrey. Through our consultancy service, we are helping Ofimodul turn their experience and production quality into great design products that open new opportunities for the company, as well as reaffirming them as leaders in it's field.

This ongoing strategic design consultancy, we are working together with Ofimodul under the brief ''the new Mexican office'' to design new collections for their catalogue, infusing a design culture into the company and reinvent their brand.

The first outcome of this project is Linea 01, an open-plan office furniture collection that breaks apart from conventional office spaces aimed at young users and creative companies.

Other achivements have been opening new distribution channels such as reknown department store Palacio de Hierro, a branding overhaul with the help of Savvy Studio, and creating a special projects team within the company to provied a full service for architects in large-scale developments such as the Universidad Regiomontana re-design. 

On 2014 we launch the Linea 02, an office furniture system that responds to the constantly evolving needs of workspaces as part of our strategy to provide the best solutions for the mexican office. 


Client: Ofimodul