Línea03 is a versatile system of office furniture system that allows multiple configurations within any layout for a contemporary office space. For this project, Jorge Diego Etienne and the Ofimodul R&D team worked together to create a smart yet simple design that could form a broad set of arrangements to encourage collaboration and provide solutions for individual accommodations that allow maximum concentration for specific tasks in the workplace.

The concept for Línea 03 comes from an intense research and understanding of the importance of today’s work environments and the people that collaborate and co-create in them day-to-day. From their functional needs to their aesthetic preferences, Línea03 was created with the idea of facilitating a more engaging workplace responding to the emerging trends in how people work today, aiming at helping companies bringing forward their culture through.

The design’s core is a leg system that works as a rail to support crossbeams and other elements, or grow in length to create a variety of distributions through surfaces and accessories that can be added on such as storage elements, technology adaptation and divisions. Combined, all these support flexible work modes within an office space.

The appearance of Línea03 combines elements of strength and lightness with clear lines inspired by architecture and grids. Using that geometric approach, blocks, extrusions and other volumes emerge as accessories and add-ons. Linea03 also proposes a palette of colors to nurture the space with greater personality.

The versatility on Línea03 was designed to cultivate collaboration, promote creativity and foster the exchange of ideas within office environments beyond the cubicle. All of these are key elements for Ofimodul's vision of creating the “new Mexican office” and unlocking an innovation driven attitude for companies in the country and beyond.


Client: Ofimodul
Photography: Estudio Tampiquito
Video: Mayhem Media
Year: 2016