Linea 02

Línea 02 is an office furniture system that responds to the constantly evolving needs of workspaces. After researching and analyzing how people, technology, tasks and behaviors are changing inside organizations’ office environments, the concept for Línea 02 was laid out to fulfill the objectives of 4 different types of spaces that define how we work today and in the near future.

Each of these four environments were defined as experiences which foster collaboration, allow concentration, emphasize socializing and stimulate continuous learning. Línea 02 focuses on people, how they work and interact; creating strong bonds that align with their company’s ethos and vision.

The concept for Línea 02 starts from a simple but clever Hub developed to optimized production, facilitate its installation and most importantly, allow multiple configurations that can adapt to any space and help companies and people work better. The Hub is placed under any surface and can receive legs, accessories and other structural elements that allow it to connect a variety of furniture objects like file cabinets drawers, and other storage units and generate endless scalable landscapes under one dynamic and enjoyable design language.

The adaptability of Línea 02 offers multiple solutions for workspaces according to each company’s needs and goals. It reinforces Ofimodul’s vision of becoming the “new Mexican office” offering good design with high quality manufacturing at an affordable price range for the Mexican market. 

*Learn more about our ongoing consultancy project for Ofimodul here. 


Client: Ofimodul
Photography: Alejandro Cartagena
Graphic Design: Savvy Studio
Video: Mayhem Media
Year: 2014



The concentration environment provides spaces with enough privacy to work focused and individually without loosing connection with a team or project workspace. Several people can work on their own personal space on independent tasks with sufficient proximity among themselves to motivate co-creation and a collective workflow. 



Teamwork and meaningful connections among coworkers are key to generate new ideas. This is the objective of a collaborative environment. In here, workstations can be fixed or temporary, allowing freedom for people to move around depending on the project and team. In a collaborative workspace there are no divisions or levels, everyone works in an open and dynamic space that adapts to the tasks of the moment.  



The ways in which people interact within a workspace have radically changed in recent years. These environments have to focus on making socializing a tool for creative thinking. In these workspaces, people are encouraged to flow freely and share their talents in a more casual and relaxed environment. 



Gaining and exchanging knowledge has shifted to more dynamic environments that respond to new teaching methodologies, learning methods and technologies. Open spaces where people can work in a variety of postures depending their on their tools, or work in groups using flexible layouts allow both foster intuitive learning in a class, team, or organization.