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LAMP .004


The Decimal Collection questions the vast capabilities of 3D printing and its relationship with the process of conceptualization regarding to lighting design. When speaking of new technologies for productions, there’s a dominant impulse to work with structures generated from mathematical algorithms to create compositions that couldn’t be fabricated through other processes.

Seeking a design proposal that agrees with future of illumination and spaces, the Decimal Collection takes a step back to analyze and control this impulse by identifying the elements that can generate a discourse beyond form. The objects of Decimal Collection combine cultural and technological factors to create lighting concepts trough signs related with the audience and space.

Decimal is the combination of two leading technologies, LED lighting and 3D printing, that together culminate in a unique proposal of luminaires, characterized by dynamism and constant evolution.

004 has an organic and sensual silhouette, whose surface presents subtle openness. This lamp is an exploration of composition and structural behavior. Its design allows the projection of light in a horizontal direction, with light and shadow games emerging though all the perimeter.

Surface sets and material subtractions generate masks that provoke movement and depths, altering the perception of each screen and the light it emits. The 004 luminaire offers an interesting and engaging perspective in all its angles, framing its beauty and uniqueness.


Client: Decimal
Photography: Decimal
Year: 2017