Tough Concept for Keemo

Keemo is a point of sale that uses a Tablet to process credit card payments, generates electronic invoices and provides a powerful business administration tool. Designed for the growing market of PyMES (small and medium businesses in Mexico), Keemo is an integral solution that eliminates the use of bulky and expensive registers, replacing them with a better experience for the seller and the buyer. 

The Tough concept responds to the needs of hard work environments such as workshops, gas stations or hardware stores. Its plastic shape is reinforced and combines rubbers inserts for a firm grip. This mobile design allows the cashier to take it any place to make charges without worrying of any damage to the device or the tablet within.

After an exploration of how it would be used on a daily basis the points of contact were located in order to strengthen them and combine rubber and soft plastics to absorb shocks.

The two legs provide an optimal viewing angle when placed on a table surface as well as guide how users hold it when in movement and in use. The areas for grabbing, touching and resting are also highlighted with different colors. 

Keemo is a project designed for Diverza, an industry leader in the development and implementation of financial and administration electronic services in Mexico. Diverza was one of the first companies to offer the electronic invoice service and it has continued to innovate in this field through new apps and services for the business market. Read more about the consultancy project here. 


Client: Diverza
Photography: Oni Oni Studio
Year: 2014 - 2015

Jorge Diego Etienne Keemo Credit Card Point of Purchase