Extreme Concept for Keemo

Keemo is a point of sale that uses a Tablet to process credit card payments, generates electronic invoices and provides a powerful business administration tool. Designed for the growing market of PyMES (small and medium businesses in Mexico), Keemo is an integral solution that eliminates the use of bulky and expensive registers, replacing them with a better experience for the seller and the buyer. 

This concept is an evolution of cellphone and tablet protecting cases, allowing the personalization of this mobile Point-of-Sale. Its dynamic form contrasts curves of its outside cover with prominent lines of the inside shell, creating different holding postures. The rubber case allows users to hold the device firmly when in movement and defines an optimal angle of vision when placed in a surface.

The concept is though for places with exciting products or services, such as those related with sports, where there is a close and dynamic relation between the cashier and the shopper.

The contrast of color, form and texture make a reference to and active environment. With the purpose of providing an intuitive experience, the shape points out the different forms of grabbing and holding the device. 

Keemo is a project designed for Diverza, an industry leader in the development and implementation of financial and administration electronic services in Mexico. Diverza was one of the first companies to offer the electronic invoice service and it has continued to innovate in this field through new apps and services for the business market. Read more about the consultancy project here. 


Client: Diverza
Photography: Oni Oni Studio
Year: 2014 - 2015

Jorge Diego Etienne Keemo Credit Card Point of Purchase