Círculos is a collection of home objects that explore the relationship of a flat geometric figure translated into a three dimensional design. Each of these objects use the circle as a primary element of form and structure, creating dialogue between the volumes that construct them. A sculptural roundness is present in the three designs, but reasoned accordingly to the function and purpose of the object.

Círculos is not only an exploration of rounded forms, but a shift of thought on materials, assembly and processes. The concept behind the object selection also talks about cycles: objects that are present on a daily basis in peoples lives, fulfilling a specific need in certain hours, making lives more practical and beautiful one day at a time.


Client: Studio Project
Photography: Estudio Tampiquito
Year: 2016

*Presented at Salone Satellite, Milan


Lounge Chair

The main element of the collection. The Lounge Chair is built from a tubular structure of 2 offset intersected circles, conforming the seat and rest. A low height and oversized back with soft padding creates a comfortable and outstanding seat for home.


Hanging Lamps

The set of hanging lamps looks for a reinterpretation of the common use of plastic and metal for a luminary. Two concentric shades compose this object’s design. The interior is made of a metal sheet digitally etched to fold into a circle with supports that unfold inside to hold the pendant light and outwards to fix the exterior shade made of a plastic. The shades’ volumes play together to conceal and reveal structural elements while creating a subtle light spread.


Table Mirror

A circular table mirror has a cylindrical metal back support that cuts across to appear as a small metal circle at the bottom of its front. The reflective surface is encompassed in a plastic body that adds color to its design. A clever cut in the support’s end allows it to rest without swinging.