DiezCienMil is a project developed by furniture company La Metropolitana and creative director Francisco Torres who invited 10 designers to design a stool following a strict brief about materials, sizes and production costs for an edition of 100 units that shouldn’t have a price over $1,000 pesos ($75 USD).

Chiisai (little) is a stool inspired by traditional Japanese stools and Torii gates. Designed to abide the project’s brief, the stool fits inside a 35x35x35cm box and uses Fresno and Cachimbo solid wood. Its production combines traditional woodcraft with modern CNC cutting. The space created within the stools intersecting planes is intended for placing a rolled blanket or magazine.

Its design uses intersecting planes create different storage spaces that remain visible underneath its surface, contained by a rubber chord net that forces interacting with the object to reach its contents. The chord’s seam is visible on the surface making reference to how clothes are stitched.


Client: La Metropolitana
Creative Direction: Francisco Torres
Year: 2013

Jorge Diego Etienne Chiisai Stool
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