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Arcanas are a set of auxiliary tables that reinterpret a mid-century design of an unknown author, part of Galería ADN's modern and vintage catalogue.

The project was commissioned by the gallery for the exhibition ''Identity and Dialogue of Design in Mexico'' during Mexico City's Design Week, where 12 designers were invited to pick a piece from the gallery's vast selection of pieces to serve as inspiration for creating a new design.

The starting point for Arcanas is a beautiful table with a unique style, mix of materials, and wire-framed volumes that use simple details to create a elegant aesthetic.

The new design was generated from elements of the original piece such as the angled square tube at 45 degrees and a rotated segment of its silhouette to create a coffee table and a side table. The materials used respect the original selection of wood, chrome and glass. 


Client: Galería ADN
Production: Giaccomo Álvarez
Year: 2010