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Acixs is a new company specialized in manufacturing stainless steel products for comercial and residential architecture. The Waido and Niwa chairs are the first pieces of a furniture collection developed by JD-E for Acixs. The concept behind the project is to create high-design in stainless Steel using Acixs expertise in production thus opening new business opportunities for the company.

Waido is a lounge chair with a wide body but light appearance. A tubular frame serves as a strong construction while light surfaces are used for the seat and backrest. The chair can be used both indoors and outdoors, for relaxed activities such as reading or resting.

Niwa is a reinterpretation of typical garden chairs used in Mexico. These chairs are usually bulky, heavy and use white painted steel. Niwa recreates the typology with a sleek design where stainless steel helps lighten the object and give a contemporary appearance for modern homes. 

Both designs were awarded by IMINOX, the National Centre for the Development of Stainless Steel in Mexico and exhibited at the Museum of Mexican Design MUMEDI. 


Client: Acixs
Photography: Oni Oni Studio
Year: 2012